U.S. to intercept North Korean missile if the allies threatened

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U.S. to intercept North Korean missile if the allies threatened

Đô đốc Samuel Locklear trong cuộc điều trần tại Thượng viện ngày 10/3.
Admiral Samuel Locklear during a hearing in the Senate on 10/3.

Admiral Samuel Locklear, commander of the Pacific Command of the U.S., issued a statement on the hearing before the U.S. Senate yesterday.

When asked whether he supported the shoot down any North Korean missile is launched or not, Admiral Locklear said: “I do not support that.”

However, the Admiral 4 after talking with the military committee of the U.S. Senate that “would certainly suggest intercept a North Korean missile if it is close to the defense of the United States or its allies “.

In the context of speculation that North Korea is preparing for a missile launch, Mr. Locklear said he believes that the U.S. military can quickly detect any missile which is heading.

“It will not take much time for us to determine where it will fly and fall anywhere,” said Locklear, who is in charge of U.S. forces in the Asia-Pacific, said.

Bản đồ mô phỏng các địa điểm quan trọng tại Triều Tiên.
Map simulate the important places in Korea.

Map simulate the important places in Korea.
The U.S. military has a modern radar stations in Japan to monitor potential missile launches, and naval vessels in the area are equipped with anti-missile weapons. South Korea and Japan also have the missile defense system of its own.

He Locklear said, in an attempt to curb tensions, a joint military planning between the U.S. and South Korea have been drafted in response to a carefully provocative actions of North Korea “without cause unnecessary escalation. “

With Pyongyang made threats against Washington and its allies with almost daily frequency, Locklear said he is trying to learn American motives and actions of the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

During the hearing yesterday, U.S. lawmakers also expressed anger about the role of China, said that Beijing should use influence with Pyongyang to defuse the crisis on the Korean peninsula.


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