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Những phần mềm mới hay nhất ngày 8.7.2014FairStars CD Ripper and Heads-up notifications are 2 of 4 prominent software is introduced One World Report dated 07.08.2014.

1. FairStars CD Ripper 1.80 cho Windows

FairStars CD Ripper supports ripping songs from music CDs to music files stored on the hard drive, in one of the formats WMA, MP3, VQF, OGG, FLAC, APE, WAV.
First, you remove the CD into the drive on your computer, then click on Device Framework FairStars CD Ripper interface, select the drive letter to use.
In the song list appears below, you tick the songs need to save to your computer. You set the output audio file format Output Type in the right frame, click the Output Folder Goto in section to choose folders containing music files that.
You click the down arrow in the Output Filename box (s), select the music file name structure depending on demand. Done, you click the Extract button to proceed to rip tracks.

Version 1.80 FairStars CD Ripper 3.19 MB capacity, compatibility Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1, free download / download / fscdripper_setup.exe. The portable 2.74 MB capacity, load in / download / fscdripper_portable.rar.

2. Secryptor Basic 1.0 cho Windows, Mac OS X

Secryptor supports any file encrypted with a password and save that file on your computer or downloaded straight to your Dropbox.
At the interface, click Encrypt the file to select files for encryption. In the next dialog box, select Dropbox to download encrypted files to Dropbox (requires computer software installed Dropbox), or Local Directory if you want to save the file to your hard disk encryption.
Then, you enter the password twice in two fields below the option Enter the password for the file and then click Encrypt. Encrypted files after format SKT.
When you want to decrypt the file, you enter the password to decrypt Code Received frame on the main interface to select the file and click Decrypt SKT had to file.
If you enter the correct password, the program will conduct decoding. You choose the folder containing the output file after decoding to complete.

Secryptor Basic Version 1.0 19.06 MB capacity, compatibility Windows 7/8, free download Or download version for Mac OS X in

3. Seaside for Skype 1.08 cho Windows

Seaside for Skype allows you to login multiple Skype accounts on the same computer, for use as needed work.

Once installed, open the configuration interface of Seaside for Skype, click Add Account to declare turns login into Skype account to use. Done, you click Start Skype with all Accounts to log into her account on Skype.

For Skype Version Seaside 1.08co 706.08 KB space, Windows compatible XP/Vista/7/8, download free

4. Heads-up notifications cho Android

Heads-up display notifications help Android notifications in the form of a small box located on every other application, the interface and how to behave with the new features in Android notification L was announced at Google I / O 2014 .
Once installed, you launch the application, click Enable / Disable heads-up then tick Heads-up notifications in the Notification access the next screen, click OK.
Back Heads-up notifications interface, you will see the status line The service is enabledapplications that are enabled. Later, when a new message, a small dialog box will appear on top of the screen containing the message-button to notify you interact with him.
To set up the application does not want to inform on the form, you hit three dots icon on the interface Heads-up notifications and select Settings.
At the setup screen, you go to the App filter, deselect the existing applications without notice. You can set the time automatically hide the dialog box contains the items Display notification through time, or tick the box Display on the lock screen to activate the display mode on the lock screen notifications.

You free download Heads-up notifications to Android devices in 2.3.3 or higher.


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